Rubber Mouldings

Rubbertech have been manufacturing rubber mouldings for over 30 years. We supply many different types of mouldings to our customers and manufacture in Silicone, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Fluorosilicone and TPE materials. Examples of our products we supply include:

Rubber Bellows

Rubbertech manufacture all rubber bellows to customer design utilizing compression moulding technology. We can produce small tools to accommodate low quantity requirements or larger tools with automatic pop up cores for much larger quantities.

Rubber Bellows are often used to form a seal or offer protection to moving parts, the amount of travel the bellows offers is determined by the number and size of convolutions in the design. This also determines the cost of the tool and parts. Our Bellows can be moulded in a variety of rubber materials to suite the customer application, from medical devices through to industrial packaging equipment.

Instrument Covers

Rubbertech manufacture moulded rubber instrument covers to customer design. Similar to the covers you purchase to protect your mobile phone these mouldings offer impact protection to expensive electronics and can also enhance the appearance of a product. Material selection is very important for these mouldings, silicone is very good where the cover is designed to enhance the visual design of the product as it can be printed and spray coated similar to keypads, however if the product is being used in harsh environments then a more durable material is selected and often the design of the cover reflects a more robust appearance.

Rubber Gaiters

We supply rubber gaiters to customer design, these are used often with joysticks on control panels to protect and seal the part from dust and liquids. These gaiter mouldings can be produced in several different materials, determined by the end user environment.

Electronics Assembly Components

Rubbertech have supplied rubber moulded components for over 30 years and as such there are very few products that we cannot supply, many of our rubber mouldings are supplied to the electronics industry as electronic assembly mouldings, these are generally small but high specification parts such as:

  • Grommets
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts
  • Switch seals
  • LCD Screen Seals
  • Encapsulation moulds
  • LCD Zebra connectors
  • Rubber and metal over moulding

Protective Rubber cover mouldings can be moulded in a variety of materials depending on the operating environment of the product, for most products we can use silicone rubber as this allows for easy printing and spray finishes. However, if the product is to be used in a harsh environment we would also consider EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile and HNBR materials.

To ensure good fit of the protective rubber cover we can advise how to calculate the correct internal dimensions to offer a good tight fit, alternatively we can mould threaded inserts into the moulding that are chemically bonded, so the cover can be screwed directly onto the product.

All our rubber mouldings are 100% inspected and first off samples supplied with FAI reports. Operating to ISO 9001 and with continued investment in the latest technology and staff training ensures our customers receive quality rubber mouldings supplied with a high level of service.

Rubbertech supply so many different industries and product types that we feel more than confident in being able to help with almost any rubber moulding enquiry. Please send us your drawing or contact us for further information.

Rubber Mouldings
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