Silicone Rubber Keypads

Rubbertech have been manufacturing silicone rubber keypads for over 30 years. Our keypads can be found in test instruments, chip and pin devices, hospital call alarms, fire alarm panels and many more electronic control systems.

Rubber keypads are generally produced in silicone rubber by means of compression moulding. This process allows us to mould the angled web areas that control the tactile feel of the buttons and incorporate conductive carbon contacts into the finished moulding.

Silicone rubber keypads are still the most popular method of human machine interface due to their tactile nature, huge range of design options and relative low cost.

Moulding Requirements

Silicone rubber keypads can be moulded to accommodate the following requirements

  • Keypads can be moulded with a conductive contact allowing for operation with a PCB
  • Keypads can be colour matched to RAL or Pantone references
  • Keypads can be moulded in several colours and even translucent grades
  • Keypads have an operating temperature of -40 to +190 degrees C
  • Keypads can be moulded in grades that would pass UL 94 HB, V1 and V0
  • Keypads can be moulded using FDA approved and even USP Class IV silicone
  • Keypads can be moulded with anti-bacterial additive incorporated into the silicone
  • Keypads can be produced in luminescent and anti-static silicones if required

If you are new to working with Rubbertech 2000 and would like to increase your confidence in us as a prospective supplier, we positively encourage inward visits. You are welcome to visit our factory, chat with the team, have a guided tour and see various rubber items being produced.

To arrange an inward visit, or to open communications with us, chat to us on our website, callĀ (+44) 01594 826 019, use our contact page, or emailĀ

Silicone Keypads
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