Plastic Mouldings

We supply plastic mouldings that we have produced with our Far East partners. Parts are inspected 100% both in China and once they arrive at the UK factory; which allows us to control supply, stock hold and ensure the products meet required quality and delivery.

Our Experience

We have a 25 year working relationship with our toolmakers that produce both the tools and also the plastic injection mouldings to our customer designs.

Upon receipt of an enquiry from our customer we will not only offer a competitive quotation but we will also reply with any suggested alterations to the design so that our customers can understand at an early stage if the design needs to be adjusted to allow for the parts to be produced.

Our Capabilities

We are capable of supplying injection and double plastic injection mouldings in many material options including ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate and TPE. Parts can be spray coated and printed to the highest quality standards.

All customers are supplied with detailed tool designs before tools are produced so design can be approved if necessary.

For more information about our plastic moulding capabilities, please visit our Plastic Mouldings website.

Plastic Mouldings
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