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About us

Rubbertech have been moulding keypads, rubber seals, rubber gaskets and other rubber moulding products in the UK since 1986. During this time Rubbertech have helped many customers with the design, development and manufacture of their product.

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Rubbertech started business by making silicone keypads for telephone and television remote controls and evolved into supplying keypads to the instrumentation markets.

Today the instrumentation market is still our majority customer base, but product range has been expanded to serve this market and now we supply instrument covers, zebra connectors, grommets, injection mouldings and various other “general” rubber mouldings.

With our UK based engineers and complete moulding, printing, spraying and finishing operations we are able to offer our customers a high quality precision product with the flexibility that comes from a local supplier.

Rubbertech also have a 25 year partnership with several companies in China. This enables us to offer high volume product at low cost with Rubbertech controlling supply, stock holding and inspection from our UK facility. With our manufacturing and engineering experience we are able to offer our customers confidence when certain projects require manufacture in China.

Rubbertech offers flexibility that a UK agent cannot; we offer experience of manufacture, UK supply, UK based engineers, competitive price and a high quality service.

Rubbertech continues to upgrade equipment and facilities in the UK to offer products in different materials, specialist coatings and high technical specifications.

Rubbertech are also expanding the services and products that we can supply with confidence from our Far East partners and also continuing to ensure that our response and service levels remain high.

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