Rubber Mouldings for Pharmaceutical Processing

Rubbertech have been manufacturing high precision rubber mouldings for the Pharmaceutical Processing Industry for over 25 years.

Our products have included hopper mouldings, gaskets, Dose Dispensing Wheels, Drug Wiping mouldings and also suction bellows.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is extremely safety and hygiene critical and often our mouldings must be produced in FDA approved material. It is also possible to formulate our materials with ferrite fillers. This means that any small fragments of rubber that break away due to continued abrasion to be detected by standard metal detection equipment often used on the production lines.

All of our processes are closely monitored to ensure the highest standards possible are achieved and we can also accommodate customer specific packaging requirements so minimal handling is required at customer assembly stage.

Our continued investment in new moulding technology and inspection equipment ensures we maintain our ability to supply products to the high quality standards required by this industry.

We welcome site audits and the opportunity to discuss design and specific quality standards that new projects may require, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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Rubber Mouldings for Pharmaceutical Processing
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