Rubbertech sponsors Bloodhound SSC

Rubbertech sponsors Bloodhound SSC

Rubbertech are pleased to sponsor the world land speed record attempt of 1000 mph which will take place next year.

The car is in final stages of build for readiness for initial rolling test at Newquay Airport where many of the systems and the jet engine can be tested.
For the land speed record power will be provided by a combination of EJ200 jet engine as used on the Eurofighter and a solid fuel hybrid rocket engine.
In total these two power units will generate 135,000 BHP. 
The aim is to achieve an eye watering 1000 mph which smashes the current record of 763 mph achieved by a driver Andy Green in 1997. Andy Green will be the driver again for this attempt which will take place on the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa.
This project is wholly privately funded, no government grants! 
But why do it you may ask?
  • To achieve 1000 mph record
  • To create a national surge in the popularity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. (STEM)
  • To create an iconic project requiring extreme research and technology whilst providing the means to enable the student population to join in the adventure.
  • To provide advertising for the sponsors of this project.

With these objectives, Blood hound can hopefully inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists.

Amazing Facts about Bloodhound
  • Acceleration 0 -1000 mph in 55 seconds
  • 3.6 seconds to cover the measured mile
  • Power 135,000 BHP (25,000 BHP more than the QE2!)
  • Temperature in the rocket 3,000 Degrees C

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Rubbertech sponsors Bloodhound SSC - Rubbertech
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