New Laser Etching Machine

New Laser Etching Machine
New Laser Etching Machine New Laser Etching Machine

As part of Rubbertech’s commitment to increasing production in our UK factory we have recently invested a new laser etching area so that we can now manufacture laser etched backlit keypads in the UK.

Backlit keypads are often produced by spraying translucent mouldings with a black silicone ink and then laser etching the required legends through the black ink layer to revel the translucent material. Often these mouldings are only produced in China due to the multiple spraying processes required and high laser etching costs. 

The new laser etching area will allow us to expand our UK manufacturing services and improve customer lead-times. The technology now allows for more efficient laser etching than before, so we can look to supply laser etched keypads manufactured in the UK, with shorter lead-times than before but at the same competitive prices.

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New Laser Etching Machine - Rubbertech
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