Rubber Moulded Instrument Covers

Rubber Moulded Instrument Covers

If you have a smartphone with a protective cover, you will know the sorts of things we are talking about.

They help protect the unit against knocks, offer an improved feel in the hand, give a more secure grip which means the instrument is less likely to be dropped, and often a cover improves the unit cosmetically.

Silicone Moulded Instrument Covers

Above are rubber moulding covers we designed and produced for Deva Electronic Controls.

Moulding in silicone means we can produce covers in pretty much whatever colour you desire, we can also print logos and text on them.

If you have a design for your cover and can send CAD, we can quote you for tooling and moulding and any finishing operations such as printing. Alternatively, if you don’t have a design, we can design the cover and tooling from scratch for you.

Flexibility of Silicone

Our only technical constraint is that we must be able to remove the cover from the mould tool after vulcanisation has taken place. Silicone is quite flexible so many designs which wouldn’t be de-mouldable in a plastic material can be removed from a mould when they are produced in silicone.

If you have an instrument, either in existence or at the drawing board stage and you have an idea that it could benefit from a cover, we would love to hear from you!

Initially, a phone call or an email can be enough to set the ball rolling.

Call us on 01594 826 019

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