Silicone Rubber Mouldings

Rubbertech are a key supplier of silicone rubber and plastic mouldings to the electronics industry. Our rubber mouldings are used on products in the medical, military, and instrumentation sectors, and are all controlled to ISO9001 standards.

Our UK factory can produce silicone keypads with printed or laser etched legends. We also have spraying capabilities, so can apply our keypads with protective spray coatings. We are continuing with a program to update our plant to give the best process control and economies of process. Recent acquisitions include laser etching machinery and 200 tonne vacuum moulding capabilities.

Rubbertech supply many types of mouldings to our customers in Silicone, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Fluorosilicone and TPE materials.

Keypads are predominantly silicone rubber mouldings. Silicone rubber is highly inert, generally stable, suitable for extreme environments and operating temperatures, and gives good tactile feel. The final part of the silicone rubber moulding process is when the silicone component is vulcanised in the mould tool. Silicone rubber can be transfer or injection moulded.

Silicone rubber can be formulated to offer flame retardancy to UL standards, is ozone and UV resistant and can easily be pigmented to match RAL and Pantone colour references. Silicone rubber is also moulded in approved FDA and USP Class IV grades when required for medical industry.

As well as silicone keypads, we produce other electronics assembly components such as protective case mouldings for hand held devices, moulded seals to help assemblies achieve IP rated standards, rubber bellows and rubber gaiters for products that incorporate moving components that require protection or sealing, and smaller mouldings such as grommets and rubber foot mouldings.

For the last 25 years, Rubbertech have had a successful partnership with a rubber and plastic moulding company in the Far East. This company supply us with keypad assemblies that require electronic circuits to be assembled, keypads with resin key tops and also plastic injection mouldings such as plastic caps for keypads and injection case mouldings. All of these products are controlled and inspected in China, and then once they arrive at Rubbertech, are also inspected to our ISO procedures.

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